Fun Facts

I grew up in Wenatchee, Washington. It is "The Apple Capital of the World in the Buckle of the Power Belt of the Great Northwest."
I am very picky about my apples and eat different kinds depending on the time of year. 

Meg Apple-Ette smaller.jpg

I was on the Apple-Ette dance/drill team in high school. My family all think this is hilarious because I can’t dance at all. I once received an “Outstanding” ribbon at a summer dance camp-the lowest possible. I was so embarrassed but I entered the drill competition at the same camp and won the whole thing.
I was persistent and determined even back then.


I am lucky to live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon and even more lucky to have experienced the Total Solar Eclipse.
I say experienced, because we didn’t just see it, but felt it. The air felt different, the light looked different and it sounded different.

Megan with razor clam.jpg

Some of my fondest memories are from trips to the beach to go clamming. My parents would push my stroller onto the beach and dig around me. At the age of three I plucked an oyster off the beach and started sucking on it. My mom popped it open and I slurped it down. Yum! 
I am holding a razor clam in the photo. 

I walk my dogs every morning at 6 a.m. -rain or shine. I am not a morning person but I enjoy walking in the dark-as long as my headlamp is bright.


I painted an A-Z animal wall and playhouses in our local community center when my kids were young. I still go down to touch them up every now and then.


I am married to a great husband who also happens to be a fabulous cook.
We have two kids, one at USC (Fight On!) and one still in high school.


I have dogs, cats (too many according to my family), chickens and a tortoise who recreates in an enclosed outside area but has a string taped to his shell so I can always find him. 

megan gradall small.jpg

I can drive a Gradall tractor-and am pretty good at it.