Writing and illustrating

I am currently navigating the pre-published world of a picture book author and actively
submitting polished manuscripts to literary agents. Stay tuned!

I belong to various children’s literature writing groups and an online critique group.
I attend conferences and webinars monthly to improve my craft.

I guess I should have paid attention to the hints that I might one day write for children.
I wrote and illustrated a book in 6th grade. You can see the cover is quite durable! 
I think the word count is around 2,000 words-not exactly industry standard for today's market. 
I recently reread the story and it’s about eminent domain-not what kids are clamoring to read about these days!

cover 80 cats.jpg

My 6th grade literary masterpiece…

inside 80 cats.jpg

I’m also working on manuscripts I’d like to illustrate as well. Below are sample watercolor and color pencil sketches.

see me, boot watercolor samples.jpg
see me, map watercolor sample.jpg
see me, alarm clock, colored pencil draft.jpg
see me, anemone color pencil draft.jpg
see me, x-ray colored pencil draft.jpg